the artist

Nichola DePass‐Chong
Nichola was born in Jamaica and has spent most of her life in the United States, but always reflecting back on Jamaica’s natural beauty which began her love for stones. She began making jewelry as a teenager and over time began to develop her skills of listening and understanding on an emotional level which ultimately lead her to the field of Interior Design. Her schooling at both Miami Dade School of Architecture and Miami International University of Art and Design; where she received her Bachelor of
Arts degree in Interior Design, played a vital role in developing her skills as an Artist and Designer.

The Elements (EARTH, AIR, WATER and FIRE)
The inspirations behind the elements collection are the women she has met throughout her life. Each piece is a direct impression of their namesake’s energy and inner beauty. The stones are carefully selected in order to represent each individual, thus creating such a vast difference from one piece to the next. Each piece is categorized by a collection depicting one of the four elements, earth, water, air and
fire. These pieces are as precious as their namesakes because they evoke the inner beauty, mystique and inspiration that dwell within and are as unique as those who inspired them.

San San
This collection's pieces are the sexy, vivacious and fun moments in our daily lives. Just to add a littlespice and the exotic to our everyday wear.

Custom pieces are available for that special occasion, once in a lifetime event or just simply a token of love.

All these unique pieces are paired with a certificate depicting the name of the piece, materials and collection which are signed in original by the artist.

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